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American Social Salad $10.50 Frisee, watercress, spinach, red oak, carrot, fennel, heirloom grape tomatoes, shallot, 'fine herbs, tomato vinaigrette, add salmon $7.00, chicken $5.00, shrimp $7.00
Baby Beet Salad $13.50 Roasted baby beets, farro, ricotta cheese, macadamia nuts, orange, banyuls vinaigrette
Caesar Salad $11.50 Baby romaine, olive oil toast, white anchovies, amso caesar dressing. Add salmon $7.00, chicken $5.00, shrimp $7.00
Amso Chicken Cobb $16.00 All natural chicken, romaine, watercress, baby loom cherry tomatoes, blue cheese, cooked egg, avocado, house cured bacon lardons, buttermilk ranch
Pretzel Bites $9.50 House made soft salted pretzels, cherry mustard, dijon mustard
Meat and Cheese Board $15.00 Chef artisanal selections of cured meats and cheese
Chicken and Waffles $13.50 Vanilla herb waffles, southern fried chicken, cherries, mascarpone, bourbon maple sauce
Pei Mussels $1.50 Shallots, garlic, white wine, creme fraiche, cherries, tarragon, chives, parsley, olive oil toast
Poke Tuna Bites $16.00 Wakame, sesame seeds, guacamole mousse, mung beans
Slider Sampler $17.50 Amso blend slider, winey goat slider, blueberry berkshire pork belly slider, sloppy joe slider
Winey Goat Trio Sliders $13.50 3 lamb and beef blend, red wine goat cheese tomato jam, pickled red onion, chicory on toasted challah bun
Blueberry Berkshire Pork Belly Sliders $14.50 3 Berkshire pork belly, chicory, shallots, blueberry vinaigrette
Wild Boar Sloppy Joe Sliders $13.00 3 mini sloppy joes, cornichons, vermont cheddar
Sassy Pigs in a Blanket $13.50 Palacio chorizo, manchego cheese, red peppers, vidalia onions, puff pastry, spicy tomato sauce
Cuban Cigars $14.50 Parma cotto ham, mojo roasted pork loin, swiss cheese, pickles, carrots, jicama, pickled dijon mustard dipping sauce
Smoked Wahoo Fish Dip $15.00 House made smoked wahoo fish dip, carrots, cucumber, jalapeño jam, krackle bread, lavosh crackers
Scallop Pozole $18.50 Sea scallops, crispy pork belly, grilled corn, hominy, pozole broth, micro cilantro
Mediterranean Spiced Lamb Chops $18.00 Pan seared lamb chops, blistered heirloom tomatoes, tzatziki sauce
Heirloom Margherita Flatbread $15.50 Heirloom tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, basil, balsamic glaze
Shorty Flatbread $18.50 Red wine beef short rib, butter roasted red wine braised beef short rib, roasted mushrooms, goat cheese, pickled red onions, ceringola olives, parmesan cheese
Rock Shrimp Flatbread $17.50 Rock shrimp, leeks, thyme, espelette, prima donna cheese
White Vermont Cheddar, Gruyere, Orecchiette Pasta $12.00
Chicken Under a Brick $26.00 Poulet rouge half chicken, whipped yukon gold potatoes, sunchokes, wild mushrooms, chicken gravy
Wild Caught Salmon $28.00 Pan seared salmon, roasted 'fingerling potatoes, roasted mushrooms, herb roasted baby beets, beet yogurt sauce
New York Strip $29.50 12oz 1855 new york strip, english peas, corn, bacon lardon, roasted fingerlings
Fried Chicken B.LA.T. $15.00 Southern fried all-natural chicken breast, jalapeno bacon, red oak, vidalia onion, tomato, guacamole crema, challah bun
Wild Boar Sloppy Joe $16.00 Ground wild boar, traditional sloppy joes sauce, vermont cheddar, cornichons, over easy egg, challah bun
Shrimp Po Boy $16.00 Cornmeal fried rock shrimp, red pepper, romaine, sriracha tartar sauce, hoagie
Amso Cheesesteak $17.00 Strip loin, amso cheese sauce, red pepper relish, caramelized onions, romaine lettuce, hoagie
Three Pigs and A Chicken $16.00 Country fried pork loin, BBQ pulled pork, nueske bacon, sunny side up egg, pickle slices, mayo
Amso Burger $15.00 8 oz amso beef blend, american cheese, amso sauce, red oak, tomato, vidalia onion, toasted challah bun
Miami Heater Burger $17.00 8 oz amso beef blend, caramelized onions, boursin cheese, jalapeno bacon, roasted mushrooms, pickled red onion, toasted challah bun
The Winey Goat $17.00 Lamb and beef blend, red wine goat cheese, tomato jam, pickled red onion, red oak, toasted challah bun
The Shorty $18.00 8 oz amso beef blend, gruyere cheese, braised short rib, red oak, vidalia onion, over easy egg, toasted challah bun
Butter Whipped Potatoes $7.00
Sunchokes and Roasted Mushrooms $7.00
Peas, Corn, Bacon Lardon $7.00
Farm Vegetables $7.00
Hand Cut Fries $7.00

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