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The All-American $10.00 ($1 off). a shot of jim beam bourbon and a bottle of pbr
Cojones Grandes $8.00 like fireball... but for real hombres
Hot Spiced Cider   let the bartender make you something special!
Cointreau Rickey $10.00 cointreau, lime juice, soda - sparkling and refreshing
Winter Sour   campari, meyer lemon juice, rosemary-infused clover honey syrup, egg white; shaken and served up with a rosemary sprig garnish
The Murphy Sour   pisco, clementine, cilantro, lime, clover honey, egg white; served up with cilantro "clover leaf"
Honey Kumquat Caipirinha   barrel-aged cachaca, velvet falernum, clover honey syrup, kumquats and lime; muddled and built in an old fashioned glass
Kentucky Pilgrim   evan williams bottled in bond bourbon with cardamom, cinnamon and dried cranberry, luxardo maraschino, fresh lemon and demerara syrup; shaken and served up with a lemon twist (the kentucky pilgrim is
The Manchester   famous grouse blended scotch whisky, the kings ginger, clover honey syrup, lemon juice, rosemary and egg white; shaken and served up with a rosemary sprig
Old Sydney-Town Punch   anchor genevieve genever, st. elizabeth's allspice dram, small hand foods pineapple gum syrup, lemon juice, orange juice; garnished with nutmeg
Tamtam Punch   papa's pilar dark rum, tamarind puree, house-made ginger syrup, lemon juice; shaken and serve over a large cube in a bucket glass
Orange Bloody Orange   tullamore d.e.w. irish whiskey, blood orange juice, mint, clover honey syrup; shaken and server over with a mint sprig
The Sting   sailor jerry rum, lime juice, jalapeño agave syrup, shaken and served up
Seasonal Mocktails   ask for a non-alcoholic version of our seasonal cocktails
Hand Crafted Lemonades $6.00 sparkling or flat... clove, rosemary & black pepper, cranberry, honey, cinnamon
Cubierto De Sangre $10.00 la pinta pomegranate tequila blood orange juice, house-made clove syrup; served in one of three textures (your choice): flat and over ice, carbonated and over ice, shaken with egg white and in a cock
Manzana Fizz $8.00 osborne manzanilla sherry, apple juice, agave nectar, apple cider vinegar, egg white and soda water combine to make a refreshing drink in a classic style.
Winter Solstice Soda $8.00 pama liqueur, grapefruit bitters, dashes of benedictine, lemon juice, demerara syrup; shaken and carbonated in a perlini and served tall and over with pomegranate seeds
Bamboo Cocktail $8.00 a classic adapted from "cocktail" bill boothby’s 1908 book the world’s drinks": dry vermouth, osborne amontillado sherry, aromatic bitters, orange bitters; stirred and up with an orang
Menta Julep $8.00 like a lightly sweetened, minty, adult snow cone. fernet brancamenta, mint, crushed ice
Sutton And Soda $8.00 carl sutton makes this dry vermouth in dogpatch. it's great with crisp soda and a lemon twist.
Remember The Maine   overholdt rye, 0.75oz sweet vermouth, 1 bsp heering, 1/2 bsp kubler absinthe
Mohito De Martinique   classic mojito with 2oz clement rhum agricole
Pisco Punch   this san francisco original has deep roots in our barbary coast history. every bar in town should be making this cocktail-properly. 2oz pisco porton, 0.75oz small hand foods pineapple gum syrup, 1oz
Pisco Sour   2oz barsol pisco quebranta, 1oz lime juice, 1oz simple syrup and 0.75oz egg white; shaken and served up with angostura bitters drops
Sazerac   2oz old overholdt rye, sugar, peychaud’s bitters, served in an absinthe rinsed glass with a lemon twist
Negroni   1oz each ford's gin, campari and dolin sweet vermouth, over, orange slice
Dark And Stormy   our version of the classic bermuda cocktail. 2oz dark rum, bunderberg ginger beer, squeeze of lime
Bronx Cocktail   "imagine a long bar with no stools, a cigar counter at one end and an oyster bar at the other, and wild bill hickok, in town for the wild west show, elbow to elbow with you at the big brass rail
Highball   the original: cutty sark blended scotch whisky, soda water and lemon, tall and over
Caipirinha (Pronounced Kai-Peer-EEE-NYA)   2oz cachaca, lime, sugar, mmm..it doesn't get more brazilian variation: try some other fruit in it. ask your bartender what’s available
Daiquiri   1.5oz cana brava rum, 1oz lime juice and 0.75oz simple syrup; shaken and served up

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