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Tantalizing Turkish   this timeless blend of beans is exceptionally flavorful and unique. drinkers are reminisced by the intensely rich and familiar characteristics of traditional turkish brew as the subtle touch of carda
Aromatic Arabic   a bold and luxurious layer of arabian coffee makes this blend smooth and strong with a full-bodied finish. a favorite morning blend.
Jacobs Wonderbar   named in honor of phil’z only son jacob. each memorable sip boasts delicious layers of nuts and chocolate filled with a full-bodied flavor and finished without any acidity or bitterness. jacob’s wond
Mocha Tesora   phil’z own distinctively dark chocolate-inspired blend is joined in a delightful mix of decadent cocoa. truly like no other, phil’z mocha tesora will capture the hearts of coffee connoisseurs and cho
Ether   among the darkest blends available at philz. appropriately named, this blend is not for the faint of heart. the ether blend is dark, oily, with charcoal tones and a strong clean finish. one of the st
Julies Ultimate   after julie’s first sip of this exclusively dark blend, she had found her ultimate cup of coffee. julie’s ultimate is complexly smooth and satisfying with floral highlights and is often called the cl
Canopy Of Heaven   under the canopy of heaven is likely where you will discover the collection of beans for this glorious cup of coffee. this signature blend is bursting with lively complex flavors and sweet beans from
Dancing Water   a medium-light blend that is as smooth and delicate as the water that sustains life. graceful tones of complete satisfaction can be found in a cup of this masterpiece.
Greater Alarm   a light roast developed in honor of our beloved san francisco fire department and all the firefighters around the world for their hard work, dedication, and character. the greater alarm is designed t
New Manhattan   one of our new blends filled with busy, energetic flavors that cater to the serious coffee lover. this medium-light roast is coupled with an earthy aroma and a wine-like taste that will ensure you st
Sooo Good   sooo good were the first words to leave phil’z mouth after tasting this popular light roast. a delicious and perplexing blend that delivers smoky tones paired with vivacious sweet highlights. this ex
Decaf Dark French   the strongest decaf of the house. the french decaf is oh so bittersweet with a full-bodied finish and a pleasant aroma. it is hard to believe it is a decaf.
Decaf Ethiopian   a smooth, rich, and strong satisfying blend combined with a silky smooth aftertaste make this decaf grand.
Decaf Sumatra   a sweet, earthy, and full-bodied decaf coffee roasted philz way. the sumatra is a true decaf favorite. try it mixed with the decaf ethiopian for a splendid decaf delight.
Decaf Swiss Water Peru   decaf swiss water peru coffee has so many great things about it. this coffee is decaffeinated using the swiss water method, which eliminates the coffee's caffeine using water rather than chemicals. t
Code 33 $18.00 a strong, rich, oily dark roast blend with a full bodied taste. code 33 is our special blend made for the san francisco police department to keep them alert while keeping our great city safe, now ava
Red Sea Blend $18.00 this blend of three coffees from countries surrounding the red sea delivers one of the most intense coffee experiences. it starts with a fruity aroma and taste and is complemented by winey highlights
Timor $18.00 our timor is full-bodied, with seductive cocoa tones. it has a hint of indonesia's rustic "forest" flavors. origin: indonesia.
Peru Light $18.00 a sweet and rich light roast with pure refreshing smoothness, and fruity flavors. origin: peru.
Hazelnut $18.00 our sweetest blend, the hazelnut is bursting with hazelnut tones, a rich and creamy texture and a bright finish! note: this coffee may contain traces of hazelnut.
Ethiopian Harrar $18.00 ethiopia produces some of the most unique coffee there is. the harrar region is known for its beans with winey, full, rich flavor and the resulting brew has a heavy body. origin: africa.
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe $18.00 ethiopian yirgacheffe is prized by connoisseurs for its delicate fragrance of orange blossoms, with an elegantly sweet and clean finish. origin: africa.
Fair Trade Peru $20.00 the fair trade peru is a full-bodied coffee with a fine acidity, sweet aroma and a hint of chocolaty tones. origin: peru.
Black Tea $24.99 loose. our black tea is called a bop (broken orange pekoe) china black tea. it is strong and full-bodied yet mellow and low in acidity.
Green Tea $32.99 loose. our green tea is a panfired green fermosa which has an excellent aroma and mild vegetal notes. the bold leaves yield a full-bodied, slightly pungent liquor with delicate floral and nutty notes
Cardamom $10.00 ground. cardamom is one of the worlds very ancient spices. it's flavor has a warm and eucalyptine with camphorous and lemony undertones. we recommend cardamom with our tantalizing turkish blend and o
Anise $5.25 anise is a flowering plant in the family apiaceae native to the eastern mediterranean region and southwest asia. it is known for its flavor, which resembles liquorice, fennel and tarragon. we recomme
Yerba Mate $39.99 yerba mate is herbal and fully decaffeinated. the wild plant has a distinct aroma and taste that has not been matched by plantation cultivation. once of its major characteristics is its smokey flavor
Chamomile $39.99 when steeped, these fragrant blossoms smell of freshly cut apples and produce a rich, golden cup with superior flavor. this caffeine free herbal infusion is delicious served with honey.

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