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Eggs Benedict with Canadian Bacon $9.00 Served with bubble, squeak and side salad.
Eggs Florentine with Saute Spinach $9.00 Served with bubble, squeak and side salad.
Eggs Royale with Smoked Salmon $10.00 Served with bubble, squeak and side salad.
Eggs Executive with Crab Cake $14.00 Served with bubble, squeak and side salad.
Full Irish Breakfast with House Made Brown Bread $12.00
3 Egg Omelette $10.00 Choice of 2, ham, cheddar, mushroom, peppers, goat cheese, sausage or bacon.
Skillet of Corned Beef Hash and Eggs $11.00
Steak and Eggs $12.00 Grilled sirloin steak, your choice of eggs, salad and fries.
Pancakes with Bacon $8.50
Pancakes with Sausage $8.50
Bacon, Egg and Beans $11.00 Pork belly, garbanzo beans and sunnyside egg.
Buttermilk Fried Chicken $14.00 With waffles and syrup.
French Toast with Cream Cheese and Raspberry Jelly $9.00
Butternut Squash $11.00 Garlic yogurt, poached egg, tarragon and chili butter.
Bookmaker Sandwich $13.00 Grilled sirloin steak, saute onions and mushrooms on a baguette.
Brunch Mixed Greens $6.00
Brunch Wedge Salad $12.00 Iceberg lettuce with bacon, avocado and ranch dressing.
Brunch Carrot and Ginger Soup $4.00
Brunch Warm Goats Cheese Salad and Walnut Vinaigrette $11.00
Brunch Cajun Chicken Club $9.00
Brunch Burger $14.00 Topped with fried egg on English muffin.
Brunch Fish and Chips $14.00
Brunch Smoked Salmon Sandwich $10.00 Cream cheese and chives.
Brunch Bacon and Wild Mushroom $14.00 Mac and cheese with poached egg.
Carrot and Ginger Soup $4.00
Pan Fried Sea Scallops and a Lemon Caper Sauce $14.00
Fresh Crab Cake $10.00 Chili, tarragon creme fraiche, citrus orange dressing.
Arugula and Beet Salad $11.00 Parmesan and lemon dressing.
Prawn and Avocado $15.00 Lime and cilantro dressing.
Chicken Liver Mousse $10.00 Plum chutney and toast.
Pork Belly and Garbanzo Beans $12.00 Thyme and tomato sauce.
Wedge Salad $18.00 Iceberg wedge, bacon, tomato and onion, Gorgonzola, grilled shrimp and ranch dressing.
Monk and Prawn $13.00 Garlic butter and Gruyere.
BBQ Baby Back Ribs $12.00
House Salad $6.00
Warm Goat Cheese $12.00 Spinach salad and walnut vinaigrette.
Caesar Salad $9.00
Warm Duck Wrap $12.00 Spinach and chili sauce.
Kale Salad $14.00 Poached egg, diced bacon, anchovy dressing and Parmesan cheese.
Home Cured Gravlax and Dill Creme Fraiche $12.00
Sizzling Grass Fed Angus Sirloin Steak $28.00 Mushroom and onion whiskey sauce.
Grilled Pork Bangers $16.00 Scallion mash and red wine jus.
Beef Burger $13.00 Stuffed with cheddar, jalapeno and Cajun fries.
The Dog and Duck Burger $16.00 Caramelized onion, duck fois gras, coleslaw and pickles.
Battered Sausage $16.00 Chips and baked beans.
Shellfish Platter $30.00 Blue point oysters, lobster tail, shrimp, crab salad, lime mayonnaise and cocktail dressing.
Fish, Chips and Pea Puree $17.00
Pan Roasted Monkfish $25.00 Ratatouille and bacon.
Scallops Gratinee $24.00 Asparagus and parsley potatoes.
Moules Frites and Lemon Butter Sauce $17.00
Stuffed Rainbow Trout and Lemon Caper Sauce $21.00
Seafood Pie $21.00 Smoked garlic sauce, boiled potatoes and topped with puff pastry.
Duck Confit with Wild Mushroom and Mash Potato $21.00
Ham and Leek Pie and French Fries $13.00
Breast of Chicken $16.00 Butter beans and roast potato curried butter.
Braised Lamb Shank $24.00 Roasted root vegetables, mash potato and honey port gravy.
Vegetable Gateaux Topped with Goat Cheese $13.00 With pesto sauce.
Butternut Squash $14.00 Grilled tomato, kale and Gruyere lasagna, tomato and chili chutney.
Wild Mushroom Risotto $16.00
Pappardelle with Short Ribs in Ragu Sauce $18.00
Penne in Pesto $18.00 Sun-dried tomato, olives and capers feta cheese.
Fettuccine Carbonara $17.00
Sunday Roast Shrimp Cocktail $11.00 Horseradish cocktail sauce.
Sunday Roast Chicken Liver Pate $11.00 Bacon, cornichons, plum chutney and toast.
Sunday Roast Carrot and Ginger Soup $5.00 House made brown bread.
Sunday Roast Caesar Salad $8.00
Sunday Roast Smoked Salmon $10.00 Cream cheese house made brown bread.
The Roast Beef $24.00 Roast potato, carrots, parsnips, Yorkshire pudding and jus.
The Leg of Lamb $24.00 Roast potato, minted petit pois, lamb gravy and mint sauce.
Half Roast Chicken $21.00 Herb stuffing, cauliflower cheese and roast potatoes.
Rolled Stuffed Pork Belly $24.00 Red cabbage, colcannon potato, apple and pork jus.
Pan Roast Salmon $22.00 Bearnaise sauce, boiled potatoes and asparagus.
Seafood Pie in Garlic Cream Sauce $19.00 Topped with puff pastry.
Grilled Vegetable Gateau and Pesto Sauce $14.00
Sizzling Grass Fed Sirloin $30.00 Onions and mushrooms gravy.
Gratin Potato $6.00
Saute Kale $5.00
Saute Spinach $5.00
Asparagus $5.00
Brussels Sprouts and Bacon $6.00
Cauliflower Cheese $6.00
Hand Cut Fries $5.00
Colcannon $4.00
Carrots and Parsnips $4.00
Stuffed Baked Potato $5.00
Carrot and Ginger Soup Lunch $4.00
Warm Goat Cheese Spinach Lunch $11.00 With walnut vinaigrette.
Caesar Salad Lunch $8.00
Warm Duck Salad Lunch $11.00 Mixed greens and saute scallions.
Chicken Liver Mousse Lunch $10.00
Shrimp Cocktail Lunch $10.00
Cajun Chicken and Mixed Green Salad Lunch $11.00
Poached Salmon Lunch $12.00 Cucumber, dill mayonnaise and brown bread.
The Club Lunch $10.00 Triple decker, chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo and egg.
Steak Frites Lunch $14.00 8 oz. sirloin steak with hand cut fries.
Irish Breakfast Lunch $12.00
B.L.T. Lunch $10.00 Crispy bacon, crunchy lettuce and fresh tomato with mayo.
The Bookmaker Lunch $13.00 Grilled steak on French baguette with saute onion and mushroom.
Pork Belly Lunch $13.00 Caramelized onion, chipotle sauce, Gruyere cheese and Italian bread.
Fish and Chips Lunch $13.00
Bangers, Mash and Beans Lunch $11.00
Chicken Curry Lunch $13.00 With rice and coleslaw.
Lamb Sandwich Lunch $9.00 Sliced leg of lamb with Dijon mustard.
The Club Vegetarian Lunch $10.00 Triple decker, lettuce, tomato, onion, grilled zucchini, avocado and pesto mayo.
The Dog and Duck Burger Lunch $12.00 Topped with bacon and cheddar with hand cut fries.

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